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Beatenberg Railway


1888 – 1889 Construction of the line
21. June 1889 Opening
1st May 1911 Opening of the electrical railway operation
1912 Transfer to all-year-round operation
2004 – 2005 Rebuilding
2nd July 2005 Opening of the renovated line

Technical data

Constructional length of the railway 1,611 m
Operating length 1,689 m
Constructional length measured in the gradient 1,706 m
Track width 120 cm
Altitude difference between the final stations 556.10 m
Average gradient of the railway 346 ‰
Maximum gradient 400 ‰
Curve radius 440 – 475 m
Weight of the wire rope per metre 4.80 kg/m
Diameter of the wire rope 35 mm
Ward-Leonard drive: Continuous power 250 kW
Peak power 320 kW
Travelling speed of the carriages 3.2 m/sec / 4.8 m/sec
Travel time 10 min. / 6 min.
Theoretical transport capacity in each direction 700 persons/hour