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cable car Beatenberg-Niederhorn


The funicular has connected Beatenbucht by Lake Thun with the village of Beatenberg since 1889. The Niederhorn was connected to Beatenberg with a cable car in 1946. The 3- cable car system was installed in 1997 and is the first and so far only cable car of this type in Switzerland. At the general assembly in 2014 the funicular (Beatenbucht-Beatenberg) and the cable car (Beatenberg-Niedehorn) were merged into the Niederhornbahn AG.

The transport company Verkehrsbetriebe STI AG was created in 1913 and is a swiss bus company operating on the righthand side of Lake Thun. Today the transport company Verkehrsbetriebe STI AG is also entrusted with the management of Niederhornbahn AG.


funiculare Beatenbucht-Beatenberg


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Adjustment in the swiss code of Obligations

From 1th July an adjustment  in the swiss code of Obligations regarding the Registration of shareholders will be set into force. The shareholder has to proof the possesion of his bearer share.

To fullfill the requirements according to the swiss law, we kindly ask all our shareholders to read the Information and fill out the registration form below. The filled out and signed form you then have to send, with a copy of a valid passport or ID-Card, until 31th December to the Verkehrsbetrieb STI. Only registered shareholders will get Access to the next General assembly. Change of adress in future have to be reported by the shareholders

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Valor 166.944.6 Nom. CHF 10.00

The trade starts on 1 October 2014. Shareholders can send their titles to the transport company Verkehrsbetriebe STI AG in Thun where the papers get swapped and returned by registered mail. The shares can also be delivered to branches of the AEK BANK 1826 (without Gunten and Heimberg) who will then forward the papers to the transport company Verkehrsbetriebe STI AG. They will return them again by post. 

Exchange ratio

  • 1 Niederhornbahn share old of CHF 250.00 reults into: 1 certificate of 14 shares à CHF 10.00
  • 1 Niederhornbahn share old of CHF 500.00 reults into: 2 certificate of 14 shares à CHF 10.00
  • 1 Beatenbergbahn share old of CHF 500.00 reults into: 1 certificate of 50 shares à CHF 10.00

Annual reports




Beatenbucht – Beatenberg

Milestones of history

1888 – 1889 Railway construction
21 June 1889 Opening
1 May 1911 Opening of the electric railway operation
1912 Transition to the year round operation
2004 – 2005 New construction
2 July 2005 Opening of the renovated railway
Autumn 2016 New motor and electronic steering unit installed

Technical data

Length of operation 1'689 m
Structural lenght measured in the inclination 1'706 m
Track gauge 120 m
Difference in altitude at the final station 556,10 m
Average slope of the railway 34,6 %
Maximum slope 40,0 %
Curve radius 440 bis 475 m
Weight of the cable per meter 4,8 kg
Diameter oft he cable 35 mm
Electric Motor Frequency Converter, 250Kw
Ground speed of the cars 3,2 m/sec / 4,8 m/sec
Duration 10 min or 6 min (depending on speed)
Theoretical capacity in each direction 700 people per hour

Cable car

Beatenberg – Niederhorn

Milestones of history

1946 Construction of the chairlift Beatenberg-Niederhorn
1995 – 1996 Reconstruction
21 December 1996 Opening of the cable car Beatenberg-Niederhorn
Spring 2017 Replacement of the main rope and the telecom cable

Technical data

Route Beatenberg– Vorsass–Niederhorn
Railway type 3-cable railway
Number of gondolas 4 groups with 3 gondolas each
Number of people 50 people per group
Capacity per direction 612 people per hour
Inclined lenght of the railway 2'493 m
Altitude of the stations above sea level Beatenberg station 1127.30 m / Niederhorn station 1935.00 m
Vertical hight 807,70 m
Average slope 35 %
Greatest slope 78 %
Support cable 4 x 2780 m long, total 124 tons
Diametert tow cable 49 mm
Drive / location 680 kW, valley
Auxiliary drive 120 kW
Speed 7,0 m/s
Duration 9,2 min
Clamping station location Mountain station
Number of pillars 7
Highest distance to the ground 45 m (empty rope)
Track 7,0 – 8,0 m

Niederhorn – prime seat in front of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau

High above Lake Thun sits the holiday resort of Beatenberg and its local mountain, the Niederhorn. Start your trip with a visit to the summit with views onto the Justistal on one side and the panorama of the alps on the other side.

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