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Schlitteln am Niederhorn
Gruppenumlaufbahn Niederhorn
Schneeschuhwandern auf dem Niederhorn
Gemse im Schnee

Starlit sledging - new year

Celebrate new year with us. Join us for starlit sledging and fondue.

Celebrate new year`s evening together with friends on the Niederhorn and take the last cable car back to Beatenberg at 1.00 O`clock.

After nightfall the mountain railways will transport you from Beatenbucht or Beatenberg to the Niederhorn. You can sled from Niederhorn down to Vorsass as many times as you please. After 6.35 pm the cable car from Vorsass to Niederhorn operates every 15 minutes.

If you book the «new year - starlit sledging PLUS», you start your evening with a fondue in the Berghaus, in the cosy dining room, decorated with sheepskins, above the lights of the Bernese Oberland. Afterwards you sled for about 30 minutes down to Vorsass. To finish off an eventful evening we will serve you a mulled wine or glogg at the restaurant Vorsass.

You can make a reservation  up until 3.00 pm on the day (mandatory). Tickets can be purchased on site from 4.00 pm. Winter clothing and good shoes are compulsory, we recommend you to bring head torches and helmets.The sled run is marked with lights. We also sell trendy dynamo run head torches.

In case of changing weather, storms or insufficient participants we will inform you by phone after 4.00 pm.




Starlit sledging PLUS Adult Child (6 to 16 years) +
Starlit sledging incl. transport and sled rental, fondue at the Berghaus Niederhorn, mulled wine or glogg at the restaurant Vorsass, travel from and to Thun or Interlaken
From Beatenbucht 61.00 30.50
From Beatenberg 56.00 28.00
From Interlaken 66.00 33.00
From Thun 66.00 33.00
Starlit sledging Adult Child (6 to 16 years) +
Startlit sledging incl. transport and sled rental, travel from and to Thun or Interlaken
From Beatenbucht 37.00 18.50
From Beatenberg 32.00 16.00
From Interlaken 42.00 21.00
From Thun 42.00 21.00

Important information

  • Reservations (mandatory) are taken until 3.00 pm on the same day.
  • Tickets can be bought on site from 4.00 pm onwards.
  • Tickets departing from Thun can be purchased until 6.00 pm at the STI ticket-shop at Thun main station.
  • Dogs are not aloud on the slopes for starlit sledding.

Timetable - Last descent from Niederhorn - 01.00 o`clock

Timetable starlit sledging - ASCENT (every friday and saturday evening from 21 december 2019 to 07 march 2020 - reservation required)

From Berne - Train from main station
From Berne 16.34 17.04 17.34 18.04
To Thun main station 16.52 17.21 17.52 18.21

From Thun - STI-bus line no. 21 Thun main station
From Thun main station 17.02 17.32 18.02 18.32
To Beatenbucht 17.31 18.01 18.31 19.01

From Interlaken West- PostAuto (bus no. 101)
From Interlaken West 17.05
To Beatenberg 17.35

Funicular Beatenbucht - Beatenberg
From Beatenbucht 17.34 18.04 18.34 19.04
Cable car Beatenberg - Vorsass - Niederhorn
From Beatenberg 17.55 18.25 18.55 19.25

Starlit sledging
From 6.35 p.m. the cable car runs every 15 minutes from the middle station Vorsass up to the Niederhorn. Last run at 21.35 o`clock.
Timetable starlit sledging - DESCENT (every friday and saturday evening from 21 december 2019 to 07 march 2020)

Cable car Vorsass - Beatenberg
From Vorsass 20.20 20.50 21.20 21.50 22.20
Funicular Beatenberg - Beatenbucht
From Beatenberg 20.40 21.10 21.40 22.10 22.40
To Beatenbucht 20.50 21.20 21.50 22.20 22.50

To Thun - STI-bus line no. 21 Beatenbucht - Thun main station
From Beatenbucht 21.01
To Thun main station 21.27

To Berne - Train from Thun main station - Berne main station
From Thun main station 21.32
To Berne main station 21.52

To Interlaken - PostAuto (bus no. 101) Beatenberg - Interlaken West main station
From Beatenberg station 20.30
To Interlaken West main station 20.55


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Niederhorn – prime seat in front of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau

High above Lake Thun sits the holiday resort of Beatenberg and its local mountain, the Niederhorn. Start your trip with a visit to the summit with views onto the Justistal on one side and the panorama of the alps on the other side.

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