At Beatenbucht Valley Station there is a passenger lift which takes you to where you can board the funicular railway. By pressing a button, you can operate the hands-free intercom to contact the staff at the counter. In this way, you can board the funicular railway independently. At Beatenberg Station, the transport lift is operated by Niederhornbahn AG staff. Using another passenger lift, the journey continues until you reach the point for boarding the cable car that takes you up to the Niederhorn. Berghaus Niederhorn is at walk-in floor level and is wheelchair-accessible.

Essential information

Please notify any groups which include more than 2 people in wheelchairs by telephone in advance by Telephone at +41(33) 841 0841. We will be happy to assist you in organizing your trip.
The Car Park for Handicapped Persons can be found in the Multi-Storey Car Park at Beatenbucht Station. Please report at the counter upon reaching Beatenberg. You will be assigned a parking space.
Restrooms for handicapped persons, accessible and suitable for wheelchair users, are available at Beatenbucht and Beatenberg and at Niederhorn Chalet.
Entering and leaving the Bergbahn at Vorsass Mid-Station is likely to be difficult with a wheelchair or a walking frame, and is only possible using steps.

OK:GO Partnership

Thanks to the OK:GO initiative that people with disabilities can plan their trip in a self-determined way with the accessibilitiy information of the tourist offer.

The accessibility information of the Beatenbucht station can be found here: Accessibility in tourism

The accessibility information of the Beatenberg station can be found here: Accessibility in tourism